Here at A Finer Detail & Upholstery we understand that your car is your investment so we have impelmented strategies to better serve you. However we are always flexible to meet our customers needs. If you have any further questions please feel free to call the office.


Why do I have to make an appointment for a detail service?

All details are scheduled one day by appointment. The reason for this is to allow our staff the necessary time to spend on each vehicle to ensure the best quality work.


What is the difference between a 'car wash' & 'detail'?


We are asked this question often. Let me explain, our "auto detail" services are priced according to several hours worth of "detailing" the interior and/or exterior of the vehicle. With these services we polish and wax as well as vacuum and deep steam extract as well as many other services.


Our Carwash Packages are designed as a 'maintenance' to our details. We do not offer all of the extras in our carwash packages and prices. However we are flexible and are always willing to customize options and affordable packages for our customers.


Why do I have to pay a deposit before scheduling an upholstery service?

Gary works solely through scheduled appointments. In order to schedule an upholstery service we require a deposit to cover the cost of all materials as shipping times and costs vary, people change their minds etc. This has allowed us to serve our customers more efficiently.


Do I have to schedule an appointment for a car wash?


No, there is no appointment necessary. Our car wash services are first come, first serve. You are welcome to wait in our temperature controlled office. However if it better suits your time schedule we are happy to schedule an appointment for you, or you can drop off and pick up later.